Baby Gizmo Puppy Gracie

Welcome to Love The Savvy Life! I’m Savannah! I’m SO glad you are here!

I’m just a teen girl who loves to make YouTube videos and share bits and pieces of my life. I’ve been making (or rather starring in!) videos since I was a baby so you can pretty much say that I grew up online. My YouTube channel is called The Savvy Life. It’s where I share all types of videos about things like fashion, travel, challenges, routines, shopping guides and more!

Oh yeah, I also do music parodies! Yep, I’m THAT girl! I’m the girl from the popular Baby Gizmo YouTube parodies. We’ve covered songs from Meghan Trainor and Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes plus so many more! I have so much fun making these parodies with my family and my latest parody is our Dua Lipa “New Rules” Parody except we changed it to “Clean Your Room”.

Baby Gizmo Parodies

You’ve also probably guessed that I’m part of the Baby Gizmo family! Besides my personal “The Savvy Life” channel, we have a family channel called “Baby Gizmo“.

So what will you find here on Love The Savvy Life? Well, I created this blog to share my videos and other posts of things to keep you updated on what I’m doing, what I love and where I go.

Let me give you a little intro to who I am before we get started with this whole blog thing.

I’m sporty. I play competitive soccer and tennis.The Savvy Life Tennis

I’m also very, very girly. I love everything pink, stuffies, BOWS and unicorns.

The Savvy Life Savannah

I travel a lot with my family and you can bet that I’ll always take your with me! Virtually (through video!), of course!

Walt Disney World Teen

I have a dog named Gracie and I absolutely LOVE HER! You’ll see her a lot in my videos!

Baby Gizmo Puppy GracieI love fashion but I definitely have my own style. I like to stand out and I’m comfortable in my own skin. I’m never afraid to just be ME! I love tall socks and BIG bows in my hair! (They are the only thing that can make me stand out with my boring school uniform so I’ve made it part of my everyday uniform in life.) I’m hoping to start my own line of tall socks for kids and teens soon!

Teen Socks


There are five people in my family! My mom, dad, and my two brothers. You can check them out on their YouTube Channel “Junior Gizmo“. I told you YouTube was a family affair!

The Baby GIzmo Family

Okay, that’s enough about me for now! If you’d like to follow along with my stories, videos and more, please SUBSCRIBE to my The Savvy Life YouTube channel and make sure to check back to this blog for updates!

While I’m mostly on YouTube, you can also find me on Instagram @JuniorGizmo.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to ALWAYS BE YOU!!




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