Before I leave on a two-month long summer trip traveling with my family in an RV around the country, I wanted to do one more parody on one of the current favorite songs. “Friends” by Marshmello and Anne-Marie is such a fun song that I decided it needed a Baby Gizmo parody made about it.

My dad was a great sport about filming this one since it was written all about him being annoying. Full disclosure: this is totally not how my dad is. 🙂 We just thought it would be a fun topic for June (Father’s Day and all!) and my dad is a good sport at being goofy in videos.

We even bought him a white bucket to properly turn him into “Marshmello” halfway in the video, but since we couldn’t find a round bucket, we settled for a oval one. A little black marker and some black duct tape, and he was transformed to a bad version of Marshmello. Plus, how funny are those red suspenders? We ordered those from Amazon and my dad had the idea to pair them with his red running shorts. I told you he was a good sport.

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