Okay, we all know how popular The Floss is, right? It’s that dance that the “backpack kid” made up and did in the Katy Perry video and pretty much everywhere on the internet. Now, every kid is doing the floss…including myself. Yep, I’ve even “flossed” in recent parodies.

My mom is always trying to do the floss but she could never figure it out. She’s not the most coordinated when it comes to dancing so when she would try to do it when watching me do it – it was hilariously wrong.

While we were on Spring Break, she asked me to teach it to her. Yep, that is a big job. When I started teaching her the floss step-by-step, my brother picked up her cellphone and started recording. Why? Because that’s what we do. We make videos. 🙂

The video turned out pretty hilarious because let’s face it – she was awful at the beginning. I couldn’t help but laugh at her. By the end of the video, she had a good grasp of what to do. Unfortunately, a few days later she lost all coordination and wanted me to show her again. Instead of repeating this process every two days, I made a “Floss Tutorial for Parents“.

Do you know how to Floss? Do your parents? If they don’t, share this video with them. 🙂



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